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Let’s get this party started!

on August 12, 2012

Now the real fun begins! Both of us, having experienced extensive renovations in the past, one would think we’d never do it again. But alas, here we are ripping up carpets, baseboards and an existing pellet stove pad.



The pellet stove has been relegated to the basement, and in its a place, a lovely, quiet propane fireplace will be installed.

Randy’s son, Richard, and his girlfriend Danielle, are here from Halifax to help with the renovations.

There is carpet under carpet and this “beaut” of a carpet was uncovered in the bedrooms.

The renovations aren’t limited to just the house. As seen in this before and after picture, the old willow tree out back had to go. It had been hacked at, and was past its prime.



After a hard day’s work, we sit down to a fresh haddock and shrimp dinner and toast our accomplishments!

And having had our fill of blueberries, we opt for peach cream pie instead!

Such is a typical day in Digby, Nova Scotia!


5 responses to “Let’s get this party started!

  1. TG says:

    Let the good times role!

  2. Fran & Barry says:

    Hope you are having fun. The second carpet looks like a keeper. I think R looks like he is looking for something to do. Happy BDay to you and R. Hope you do something special you both deserve it. Talk to you later. F & B

  3. Nancy K says:

    Wow, you all are having too much fun ! Save some for us. What’s wrong with that beauteous carpet? – so “quaint” Hope you can save a piece for the guest bedroom !

  4. Duggers says:

    Why is Randy always strolling with the dog, eating, or resting by the fire while everyone else is busy working ???? Nice retirement ! The food looks really great. I’ll just sit here and eat my boiled hotdog.

  5. Cornelius J. Fluffchuck says:

    I have known Randy for many many years and offer this comment :
    When did the party ever stop ?. Through the thick and thin off it, Randy
    is perhaps the most friendlyD party positive person I know and deserves everything
    Digby can throw at him, including a fresh baked blueberry pie. Let er fly
    Leanne !

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