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Happy 50th!

on August 14, 2012

Forgive me…I digress…this blog was intended to be about our observations and everyday living in and around Digby, Nova Scotia, however, it was a BIG day yesterday….it was Leanne’s 50th birthday!

I made plans days in advance to take Leanne to “The Pines”, a 4 star resort located on the edge of town.


A swanky place for Digby, with a golf course too but I didn’t dare suggest golf to Leanne on her birthday!

Dinner was excellent with a local pinot grigio from Jost Wineries.

Fresh Digby scallops (pronounced skull-ups, if you want to a “local”!)

And then we came home to Leanne’s “bounty”

Lottery tickets from Richard & Danielle, Lotto from sistah in law Vicki, and earrings from Aunt Ilonka! Special mention to OFU (our favourite Uncle Tom), Barry & Fran, and Doug & Nancy for their special requests of rappi and whoopie pie! Thanks to George and Leanne’s Mom for the happy birthday tunes left on voice mail, along with all best wishes!

Scarf, necklace and earrings from Dave, Barb & family! And a great surprise party at the Quebec cottage prior to our big departure, with cake, candles and all!

Lighthouse pillows from Mom….can’t wait to see the lighthouse quilt Jan and Ken!

And the grand finale……..from hubby (me) and Bandit (dog house) charm

Love ya babe!

Thanks to all for your well wishes……..stayed tuned tomorrow for our regularly scheduled broadcast!



2 responses to “Happy 50th!

  1. Nancy says:

    Best Wishes Leanne for your special day. Can’t wait to celebrate and hug you in person, but in the meantime a picture of you in the next blog would be great !

  2. TG says:

    A babe in the woods still. And retired already. Don’t get better than that, eh?

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Everyday Life & Observations in Digby & Area

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Everyday Life & Observations in Digby & Area

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