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Welcome to Point Prim Lighthouse

on August 21, 2012

In keeping with our multi part series on “lighthouses in our backyard”, the next lighthouse is Point Prim Lighthouse, located two miles from Digby on, appropriately named, Lighthouse Road.

Flanked on one side is the Digby Gut, a glacially carved breach in the North Mountain which allows the seawater of the Bay of Fundy to fill the Annapolis Basin.

This is the fourth lighthouse to be built at Point Prim; the first lighthouse built in 1804 lasted just four years before burning in 1808. It wasn’t until 1817 that its replacement was built.  Again, as fate would have it, the lighthouse burnt to the ground in 1872 which was supposed to have originated in the lantern which was very small and confined.

The third Prim Point Lighthouse was built in 1874. Red vertical stripes adorned the tower to continue the station’s day mark. A bulldozer pushed the third lighthouse over the bluff in 1964.

The fourth lighthouse was built as a square tower rising from one corner of a one story, flat roofed building. It was automated in 1987.

Views of the Bay of Fundy from Point Prim


If you look REAL close at the ripples in the water, Leanne spotted a whale but had a camera malfunction and missed it! She was able to capture the ripples though!


All of this located in our own backyard and at no cost! It doesn’t get any better than this!



One response to “Welcome to Point Prim Lighthouse

  1. Vicki Thompson says:

    August 22nd….nice pic there Randy! You look right at home….and since today is also a special day….HAPPY BIRTHDAY to you! Wishing you a super day and an even more awesome year to come….all the very best…Love Your Sis, Vicki….*Big Hugs* xoxo

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