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Artistic differences…..the wife’s rant!

on August 30, 2012

Is there ever a more hotly debated subject between men and women as to where to place furniture when working on home renovations?

Why do men feel the need to tell you where to place furniture, ensuring every piece is placed square; no angle of furniture allowed. The only men I know who are creative enough for me to listen to about decorating happen to be gay! No offense to our gay friends!

Why do the eyes roll when I suggest moving a piece of furniture from one spot to another? Why am I questioned about laying an area rug over our brand new installed hardwood floor in the bedroom? Because I don’t want cold feet in the morning of course!

I believe if women built houses, we wouldn’t have to contend with working our furniture around a room that has the chandelier centred in the room. How do I work a diningroom table, chairs and a hutch into such a room?

In my perfect world, electric receptacles would be placed every few feet so I’m not working with a zillion extension cords. A receptacle would be placed on the top of the fireplace so I could plug in Christmas lights on the mantle.

Plumbing? I can’t even go there. Why does a man build a 6′ x 9′ bathroom? I thought the bathroom was a man’s castle…..pretty damn small castle if you ask me.

I don’t go down to the basement and tell my husband how it should be arranged. In fact, I don’t go down to the basement period if I can help it. Imagine his surprise when I asked for the washer and dryer to be installed on the first floor. He thought I was crazy! It was obvious to me that since all laundry is generated on the first floor, why not have the laundry facilities on the first floor?

All and all at the end of the day….its all good! As you can see from the before and after pictures below I think we did a good job.

 Our Bedroom Before & After

Okay, so the fireplace in the bedroom might be a tad overkill but as I told my husband with the rolling eyes when I originally suggested it, it does set the ambiance of the room…….to which he replied, “Now we can put a TV in there”. (sigh says I)

Guest Bedroom Before & After

Don’t worry Mom, the French toile bedding is only there until your lighthouse quilt arrives!

And tomorrow the Thompsons tackle the livingroom!



4 responses to “Artistic differences…..the wife’s rant!

  1. Nancy K says:

    Ain’t it the truth ! Hold on just a little while longer Leanne, reinforcements are on the way !

  2. TeeGee says:

    Less ranting. More working! Looking beautigorgeous guys!

  3. Barb says:

    Rhonda – what a journey. Love the stories. You might consider a new career – writing stories!
    Jackpot sends his well wishes to Bandit.

  4. Vicki Thompson says:

    Very nice finales! Gorgeous floors!

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