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Welcome to the 8th Annual Wharf Rat Rally brought to you LIVE from Digby, Nova Scotia!

on September 1, 2012

This one’s for you, George!

Atlantic Canada’s LARGEST Motorcycle Rally!

The ferry sign is there in case you want to get “Outta Dodge” fast! (a 3 hour sail from Digby to Saint John, New Brunswick) but we digress……THAT’S another blog story!

When we closed the sale of the house this time last year, we had NO idea what was happening when over 20,000 motorcycles, from around the world,  descended on our little town, population 2,092 + 2 (us).

We got smarter this year with our Resident Sticker (displayed on the dash of the car) which allows us to circumvent closed roads around downtown. What are we talking about? We LIVE downtown!

Even the Honda Rat is ready this year!

This little shindig attracts over 60,000 visitors, generating nearly $9 million in economic activity. People have to stay as far as Yarmouth (60 miles away) and we even spotted several residents in town renting their yards as campsites.

Hmmmm…..the Thompsons smell some economic activity at the house next year!

We even learned some new terminology for this year’s Wharf Rat Rally. “Rat” is a term used for bikes that, despite their character, have been maintained for very little over a long period of time.

This year’s event has seen some new additions……helicopter rides, as evidenced by the constant “fly by” at our house.

Also, more and more bikes are customized with LED lighting, however, they cannot be displayed while biking. This year, the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) who patrol the Atlantic provinces (no OPP here!) gave permission to the Wharf Rat Rally Association to hold a Parade of Lights featuring these cool LED lights.

The Town of Digby, as well as the Province of Nova Scotia, endorse this Rally and even the downtown stores get into the spirit.

We even have celebrities attending this one……apparently Bean’er is responsible for bringing Biker TV and the renowned motorcycle photographer, Michael Lichter to town. Bean’er is even promoting his new book. He’s quite the character!

And, of course, the famed Wharf Rat Rally Headquarters, located just an 1/8 of a mile from our house and open all year round to bring us these festivities.

Stay tuned for more Rat Rally coverage commencing tomorrow!

A live shot of downtown Digby


2 responses to “Welcome to the 8th Annual Wharf Rat Rally brought to you LIVE from Digby, Nova Scotia!

  1. Fran & Barry says:

    Born to be wild.

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