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Day Trippin’ – Part Three

on September 8, 2012

Continuing our Day Trippin’ series, day 3 took us to the end of the Digby Neck, a small peninsula between St. Mary’s Bay and the Bay of Fundy.

We boarded the car ferry for a 5 minute ride to Long Island at a cost of $5.25 return!

Common, everyday sites throughout our adventures consist of boats that have seen better times…..

“Save our Bay” and “No fish farm” signs are scattered throughout the fishing villages.

But its not all doom and gloom. East Coasters have an awesome sense of humour as evidenced by these “cute” motels.

This is also the place to catch a sighting of the rare right whales. Zodiacs are the fastest way (and the only way) to get to the middle of the Bay of Fundy for these sightings.

We made it to the next ferry to Brier Island but we felt the school bus should take priority over us for the ferry! We will visit Brier Island another day.

This part of Digby Neck sees it fair share of inclimate weather. For instance, the Groundhog Day Storm of 1976 wiped out most of Northeast Cove.  The gales blew for 18 hours. What made the storm even worse was that the wind reached its peak when the tide was full, creating a destructive tidal surge. The tides along the coast were increased due to the convergence of anomalistic, synodical, and tropical monthly tidal cycles peaking simultaneously (known as Saros); a once in 18 year event.

The destructive storm was considered an ‘act of God’, so many people received little insurance coverage. Trees were uprooted, basements were flooded, fishing boats and wharves were destroyed and barns lost their roofs. Mobile homes were overturned and destroyed and shorelines were changed.

The weather this summer has many East Coasters commenting on the sunny, warm days. We aren’t complaining either!


One response to “Day Trippin’ – Part Three

  1. Fran says:

    You two will be able to write a history/guide book pretty soon.

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Everyday Life & Observations in Digby & Area

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