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Welcome to Lunenburg, Nova Scotia – Part Two

on September 13, 2012

Part Two of our series focuses on another famous icon of Lunenburg…..the Bluenose; you know the schooner that is featured on our Canadian dime?

Lunenburgers considered their sailing skills second to none. When an aspiring sailor from Gloucester, Massachusetts captured the first North Atlantic Fishermen’s Trophy in 1920, Lunenburgers didn’t waste any time and on March 26, 1921, the Bluenose was launched. The Bluenose went on to bring home the coveted trophy many times.

The name “Bluenose” is thought to be derived by the shipbuilders who toiled during the long winter days wiping their noses on blue mitts and in turn making their noses blue.

The aging Bluenose met her watery grave hauling freight near in Haiti in 1946 and many feared it was the end of an era. However, her spirit and memory lives on with the launch of the Bluenose II in 1963.

The replica of the Bluenose was built in Lunenburg using the original Bluenose plans by the Oland Brewery as a marketing tool for their Schooner Lager beer as well as acting as a pleasure yacht for the Olands family. Bluenose II was sold to the government of Nova Scotia in 1971 for the sum of $1.00.

The replica schooner is used for tourism promotion. It has undergone several refits to extend her life including a major rebuild that began in 2010 which aims to make her look more like the original Bluenose.

This is a live shot of the Bluenose webcam. It was announced today the Bluenose II would re-launch on September 29th in Lunenburg.  We are very excited to be making plans to attend the re-launch. Stay tuned……


3 responses to “Welcome to Lunenburg, Nova Scotia – Part Two

  1. In five weeks you’ve done much! Found the garbage chute yet? How’s Bandit adapting?

  2. Nancy K says:

    Brings backs great memories of our day in Lunenberg with Randy. However, one thing is missing – what about the ice cream stop (s) ?

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