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Welcome to the Man Cave

on September 25, 2012

Every man needs one…..a man cave that is! A place to call his own, a place to feel free to put his stuff wherever he wants without any interference from “the wife”, a sanctuary….just me and my dog!

Let me introduce my “Man Cave” – this is the entrance

It took some doing, but I have set up my man cave with sports memorabilia, family and wedding photos, stamp and coin collecting, books and music. The wife even donated her Boston Bruins and New England Patriots paraphernalia to the cause!

My new work area

Putting books and music in order

After working all day on the livingroom fireplace hole, two runs in the Hondizer to the dump, its time for Bandit and I to kick back, relax, pour a glass of wine and enjoy my new “man cave”.

The wife even surprised me with a gift for my new digs…….gonna check ‘er out now!

I just may never come out of my cave!



3 responses to “Welcome to the Man Cave

  1. Vicki Thompson says:

    LoL…chuckling and grinning here as I type ..very nice digs ya got there Randy…looks verrry comfortable…looks like you guys did a great job in renovating…gorgeous floors and all around very nice and very ‘homey’ xo

  2. Whoa! Now that’s a mancave. The portable CD a little old school, but I bet it cranks. Enjoy MMFNIL!

  3. BARRY SWITZER says:

    I think the man cave was done by the wife…. No pin ups, no Leafs or Blue Jays and a picture of Owen Sound.hmmmmm


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