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Cruise Ship Mania!

on October 3, 2012

We were fortunate enough to witness our first cruise ship landing in Digby, Nova Scotia. Don’t get us wrong, this isn’t the first time for Digby; merely for us!

We headed to our favourite spot, Point Prim Lighthouse, which has incredible views of the Bay of Fundy and also the entrance to Digby, through the Digby Gut.  (See our post entitled, “Welcome to Point Prim Lighthouse” published August 21, 2012 for more information on Point Prim.) We packed a light barbeque lunch and settled in to wait for the cruise ship. An absolutely gorgeous Fall day with temps around 68F (20C).

Lo and behold, the cruise ship, Quest for Adventure, is within our viewing distance on the Bay of Fundy

Through the Digby Gut

Setting down anchor just beyond the reach of Digby Harbour and tendering passengers onboard into Digby

The Quest for Adventure is owned by Saga Cruise Lines (Bahamas Flag)  with an occupancy of 446 passengers and 252 crew onboard. A relatively small cruise liner in terms of today’s standards, but a relaxed and intimate atmosphere. The ship was built in 1981 at a length of 541 feet and a cruising speed of 21 knots. The ship docked outside of Digby today mainly caters to the U.K. market and left Halifax on October 1st for a 17 night cruise. The itinerary includes:  Digby, Nova Scotia, Saint John and St. Andrews, New Brunswick before sailing for Hamilton and St. George, Bermuda and visiting Princess Cays, Freeport and Bimini Islands, Bahamas with an arrival and departure from Havana, Cuba.

The Welcoming Committee was out in full force….remember, Digby knows how to host a party…….afterall we host the  Wharf Rat Rally!

Mayor Ben Cleveland (behind right)

And for those of you who have been following the plight of our missing Digby Lighthouse(some say stolen during a midnight raid), Mayor Cleveland assured us he was heading to New Brunswick next week to retrieve it.

A number of tour buses were in Town to promote Digby and area

A bagpiper, people in period dress,  RCMP,  border control and members of Town Council were also on hand

Another proud moment for Digby, Nova Scotia and we were a part of it!


One response to “Cruise Ship Mania!

  1. teegee says:

    Sounds like a great outing. Nice weather, good food, great company . . . and a show put on just for your entertainment. Doesn’t get better than that, eh?

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