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Clearing our heads…….and a wonderful surprise!

on October 5, 2012

It seems we’ve been bogged down in renovations forever……they tell us it does end, but from time to time we take a short drive or walk to clear our heads and escape the chaos we live in on a daily basis.

Did you know Digby had a municipal airport? We sure didn’t and happened along it during a country road drive. It is approximately 6 kilometers out of Digby.

The airport can accommodate medium, twin engine aircraft and is staffed 24 hours 7 days a week. The highest airport in Nova Scotia, the Digby Airport sits 499 feet above sea level.

The Airport sits on 500 acres of land with a 3950 x 75 foot runway and is equipped with AVGAS,  jet fuel and ground phone services.

These photos courtesy of the Digby Airport website

Tides are another common occurrence in our Digby Harbour but until you see them first hand you cannot fathom the 30 foot tide differences that happen every 6 hours and 13 minutes.

High Tide

Low Tide

Lobster traps are as common as “Famous Digby Scallops” & lobstah

Wonder what it takes to become a Scallop Club Pioneer?

And we arrive back home to a large package……what does it contain?

Our lighthouse quilt, completely handmade by Mom! We are soooooo excited to put this in our “Lighthouse Room” !

Thanks Mom! We really appreciate the time and love you put into this! A wonderful surprise to complete the day.



One response to “Clearing our heads…….and a wonderful surprise!

  1. cheryl thompson says:

    Beautiful quilt, love the colours and lighthouses! So when are you both going to start flying lessons??? Do I see a couple of pilot licenses in the near future? Love reading all the blogs keep em coming xo Cheryl


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