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It’s Official! OUR Lighthouse is comin’ home!

on October 11, 2012

There has been alot of talk about the Digby lighthouse in our blog, but what you may not know is that our Digby lighthouse does not reside in the Town of Digby at all….it is in Saint John, New Brunswick!  What makes it even more ironic is the name of the location, “Digby Pier, New Brunswick.”

Last week when Mayor Cleveland assured us the lighthouse was on its way back home we thought we’d check to see if it had in fact been returned.  Its still in New Brunswick!

Seems Mayor Cleveland got his dates wrong! There is alot of mystery of how a lighthouse from Digby, Nova Scotia could end up in Saint John, New Brunwick. Theories abound, even from Mayor Cleveland who was overheard saying jokedly, “I claim rebels came over and stole it in the middle of the night on a big red ship.”

The lighthouse which dates back to 1903, was originally located on Digby Pier in Digby. After the Digby ferry terminal was relocated in 1971, the pier fell into disrepair. The Coast Guard, who was responsible for all lighthouses in the Bay of Fundy,  moved the lighthouse to a depot in Saint John for storage. In 1983, the lighthouse was given to the city of Saint John to be part of their newly renovated Market Square area.

In early August 2012, the councillors decided to relinquish ownership of the lighthouse provided that two conditions be met. The first condition was that Mayor Cleveland provide free scallops for a shingdig in Sain John and the second condition was that a celebration had to take place with people from both communities.

And how, do you ask, is the lighthouse going to be transported to Digby? Apparently, Bay Ferries has agreed to help move the lighthouse but there is also talk of hiring a local lobster boat to bring it across the Bay of Fundy into Digby.

The lighthouse will be displayed on the grounds of the Admiral Digby Museum until the new breakwater by the wharf is finished and then it could be relocated there.

We decided to check out the competitions harbour and it just so happened there was a cruise ship in port.

Hmmm…..a little bigger than the cruise ship that recently visited Digby…..by about 2,000 people! We need to attract this size cruise ship to Digby in the future!

Off to check out the Saint John Terminal where the Digby / Saint John ferry transport visitors between the two provinces year round.

As Mayor Cleveland works on the logistics of getting the lighthouse back to Digby, we ponder what arrangements are being made to celebrate on this side of the “pond.” Another question for the Mayor when we see him!

Cheers to Digby……its OFFICIAL…..bring ‘er home!


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