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Welcome to Freeport, Maine….home to L.L. Bean

on October 11, 2012

Today’s trip took us to Freeport, Maine…..2 1/2 hours north of Boston; another quaint town, home to L.L. Bean Headquarters.

For anyone not familiar with L.L. Bean, their motto is ” Building Trust, one pair of boots at a time”. A hundred years ago, Leon Leonwood Bean sent out his first shipment – 100 pairs of Maine hunting shoes. After 90 pairs were returned, L.L. Bean kept his word and refunded the purchase price. Throughout the decades, L.L. Bean continued to see the value of keeping customers satisfied at any cost. He improved the company’s service to include keeping his store open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and offering free shipping on mail orders. This tradition continues today with a variety of items including clothing, sporting goods, home goods and specialty foods. Feel free to browse their website at http://www.llbean.com/

Freeport, Maine is a coastal town known for its upscale shopping and quaint outlets housed in period buildings with international brands.

After dropping Bandit off for his second leg of doggie day camp……

We scoured the town looking for bargains and “stuff” for our new home. “Do we need any moose?” Randy asked.

We found some great deals, filled the car with our goodies and headed to McDonalds for free wi-fi and to calculate our purchases before picking Bandit up and starting our trek home.

This is Freeport’s version of McDonalds

Time to hit the road……..Digby is calling us. We are staying in Saint John, New Brunswick tonight to see if Mayor Cleveland was successful in getting our lighthouse back…….we’ll find out in the morning!


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