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Are you prepared?

on October 30, 2012

Having spent yesterday following the path of Hurricane Sandy, we got out today to see what the ramifications were in the Town of Digby. With the opening of lobster season on the Bay of Fundy, about 25 lobster boats from Digby are fishing daily. However, only 4 boats went out Monday and returned early in the afternoon.

Digby Harbour, where the world’s highest tides are, harbour authorities were monitoring conditions at high tide where it peaked at 26 feet on Monday. With Environment Canada predicting extreme seas as high as 21 feet, many lobster boats from as far away as Yarmouth, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick came into Digby Harbour seeking refuge from the seas; a total of over 65 boats, which is rare to have everyone in at once as quoted by Digby’s port manager.

Elsewhere in the Province, apple growers were scrambling to pick the last 20 percent of their approximately two million bushels produced this year. The apple industry is worth $20 million annually to farmers and over $100 million to the economy of Nova Scotia.

Halifax Port Authority saw the arrival of 3 unscheduled cruise ships for safe harbour hosting approximately 3,000 passengers for a night.

As for us, we have been prepared since we moved to Digby. Our food reserves are topped up, we have plenty of bottled water, and various forms of fuel. We signed up with the Canadian Hurricane Centre for regular updates via email and since the inception of this particular storm, we have been notified 3 times a day. Although hurricanes are a rare event in this part of Nova Scotia, the water surges and high winds can be a factor.

At present, we have ominous skies and a few gusts of wind……….

But the fall colours are still with us………a shot of the Town of Digby from the harbour

We arrive back home to wait for the rain and not that we are wishing for bad weather, but I know Randy is just itching to get this bad boy going!


2 responses to “Are you prepared?

  1. Douglas Thermal Products says:

    I have been prepared for many many many years. If needed, Lucy and I can operate

    With ease for well over 2 months. Its one of the first things on my mind.

    EVERYDAY ! And that’s also why, whenever we do have a blip on lifes screen

    Anyone not prepared , gets NOTHING. I can’t tell the number of times I

    Try to drill into people’s heads the topic BE PREPARED. The usual response ?

    Ah….get over it.

    Shit like that doesn’t happen here in Ontario.

    It will and has !

  2. Margot Boyd says:

    Scary looking sky – I’m sure Randy will be using the generator before winter is over

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