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There’s a new lighthouse coming to town!

on November 9, 2012

We have been collaborating with our friends, Doug and Nancy, who, as you are aware, visited us in September. They fell in love with the Digby area and after visiting a few lighthouses in Nova Scotia, Doug decided to build a replica lighthouse to scale for us.  To get the project off the ground, Doug made a schematic of the job ahead.

Next step was to put the schematic to use and actually start replicating said lighthouse. Many hours went into fabricating the light housing and planning for the fresnel lense.

Painstakingly details

Nearing completion

Standing at almost 7 feet in height, the finished product

Now comes the final stages of planning the logistics of transporting the lighthouse to Nova Scotia and, we can’t forget the best part, the actual commissioning of the lighthouse in our back-yard………..its going to be a party!

All photos copyright and courtesy of Doug


2 responses to “There’s a new lighthouse coming to town!

  1. Jean Brittain says:

    You may be in competition with the Town to see who can have the best “lighthouse party”. Probably sometime next year the Town will plant the lighthouse brought back from Saint John on the new wharf breakwater. I think your lighthouse will look spectacular in your yard. Just sorry it won’t be fully visible to all who pass your house.

  2. TeeGeeNca says:

    Let there be light! That is unbelievably amazing. What a talented fellow is your friend. Put it in the middle (oh! bolt it down I think) of the front yard.

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