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Tis the season………

on December 2, 2012

A week early, but having accomplished everything on our “honey do” list, we decided to decorate for the holidays. First thing was to find everything in the basement and then drag it up into the livingroom. Just like Christmas…..its a surprise with every box you open!

First things first……………..the tree!


Light ‘er up!


The stockings were held from the chimney with care


The table is set


Moving outside to the lights


Even decorated the back patio……….gives our neighbours something to look at!


We think we are ready……23 more sleeps til Santa arrives!


4 responses to “Tis the season………

  1. Fran & Barry says:

    The decorations look great, it comes and goes so quickly, we put our Christmas things out
    today. Tis the season.

    • Margot Boyd says:

      It all looks very lovely – Dave and I are catching our breath – trying to get him regulated on
      coumadin and Scott on his way to recovery after emergency back surgery on Thursday.
      Looking forward to a better year in 20132

  2. The Rant Rat says:

    Tis the season to decorate your new lighthouse.!!!!!!!
    ” Bah……….Scallop Bug !

  3. Vicki Thompson says:

    Very prettyful!

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Everyday Life & Observations in Digby & Area

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Everyday Life & Observations in Digby & Area

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