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Movin’ on up…………

on January 15, 2013

As most of you are probably aware by now, Randy has secured a job with the Imperial Oil Refinery in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia as a Facilities Manager and began working Wednesday, January 2nd.


This is a two year opportunity as Imperial Oil has put the refinery on the auction block. In the case of this refinery, the oil is shipped in from oil producing countries, like Venezuela, for example. Other refineries pipe their oil in which is more productive in terms of revenue dollars but there is no pipeline to Nova Scotia. This makes for a very costly refining process; hence the sale.  However, the opportunity to have this on one’s resume is huge.

We were able to find a really nice, 2 bedroom condo for rent approximately 10 minutes from the refinery and we have settled in nicely.


We have a beautiful view from our balcony


We are even able to barbeque………….yay! It’s a little rusty…but hey…it was free!


Of course, I took over the second bedroom……..along with Bandit!


We continue to go to Digby every weekend to work on the house, rest and relax. Oh and of course, Digby is the ONLY place to go for scallops! Can’t wait for the weekend!


3 responses to “Movin’ on up…………

  1. Margot Boyd says:

    Congratulations, glad to hear everything is going your way.

  2. Congrats Uncle Randy!!! 😀 Bandit certainly does look very comfy!! hehe 😛

  3. Randy jus’ keeps connecting with his roots, eh? That’s an old, established East-Coast company: The Dartmouth refinery, located in Nova Scotia, began production in 1918 to meet the demands of the Allied navies and Atlantic convoys in the First World War. Go, go, go you guys! Have a scallop or two for me please.

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